Connecting Worlds

A quality network is built on a strong infrastructure. We are experienced with the design, project management and detailed workmanship required to deliver.

Whether voice, data, internet, or video, the technologies used to communicate today have one thing in common–cable. Thompson Networks specializes in the highest quality installation of all forms of certified voice and data cabling. We begin each cabling project by defining the specifications required to maximize the speed and integrity of the network.

Cabling Solutions

  • Standard horizontal office cabling
  • Multi-floor/vertical/riser cabling
  • Outside campus buried and aerial cabling
  • Sub-floor cabling
  • Server room design


  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • End to End Solutions
  • Minimum Downtime
  • Voice and Data Transfers
  • IT Infrastructure Migration

Our project coordination and relocation services minimize downtime and unexpected costs. There are many tasks associated with your business operation and communication that need to be addressed and managed. As relocation experts we provide the consultation to ensure a smooth relocation without interrupting your communication with your customers and without budget busting costs.

Data center cabling can be a challenging and daunting prospect. Not only is there the issue of managing the thousands of cables entering the racks but there is also an issue with air-flow management and accessibility equipment. Our goal is to supply cable systems, sub-racks and accessories that eliminate these issues and provide our customers with superior workmanship.

Data Center

  • Superior Cable Layouts
  • Cooling Managment
  • Capacity Planning
  • Logistic Services
  • Migration Consulting